Structural Engineering for Energy and Telecom Construction Projects 


Structural engineering for high-voltage equipment support structures, foundations, transformer beds and control buildings for substations.

High-Voltage Lines

Foundation type definitions, specifications and structural engineering design. Structural engineering for high-voltage line steel towers.

Telecom Towers

Structural engineering for freestanding lattice and pole structures and guyed towers. Risk and ice assessments for telecom tower projects.

Kaarina Engineering offers

Engineering for Energy Infrastructure
with the most advanced engineering tools and methods

We are at the forefront of modern energy infrastructure structural design. Our approach integrates Building Information Modeling with advanced analytical algorithms that learn and adapt, streamlining the presentation and evaluation of solutions. This method ensures our work plans are not only consistent but also intelligently optimized, free from contradictions and forward-thinking in their execution.

Engineering Services

We have extensive experience in structural design and various construction technical expert tasks. We assist network owners and contractors in achieving quality, cost, and schedule objectives for the structural implementation of construction projects. We can take responsibility for certain aspects of the project or provide all the structural designs for the project.

Design of steel and concrete structures
Strength calculation and FEM analysis of structures
Modeling and manufacturing design
Expert statements and external inspection
Foundation and civil engineering design
Principal design and building permit drawings

Next-Level Tools: Superior Engineering

Our company excels in energy infrastructure design with cutting-edge technology. Our top-tier tools and methods bring unmatched precision and efficiency. This strategy allows us to develop innovative solutions. We use advanced tools from concept to completion, ensuring superior quality in our work. Our dedication to new technology equips us to tackle current energy challenges and foster a sustainable future.

Beyond Expectations: NPS 100 in 2023

In Spring 2023, we achieved a Net Promoter Score of 100*, highlighting our dedication to customer satisfaction. We focus on understanding and exceeding customer needs, consistently delivering more than expected, on time. This score reflects our commitment to excellence, ensuring every customer experience goes beyond the standard. *22 recipients, 32% answer rate, 9.3 average score


We have a strong track record of succesfull network infrastructure projects.




Project Highlights

Some Examples of Successful Structural Engineering Deliveries in Network Infrastructure: Substations, High-Voltage Lines, and Telecom Projects.

Kärppiö 400/110kV Substation

Structural Engineering

Viäntö 110kV Landscape Transmission Tower

Foundation Engineering

Melamäki 110kV Wind Farm Substation

Structural Engineering

Huittinen-Forssa 400kV High-Voltage Line

Foundation Engineering

Arkkukallio 400/110kV Substation

Structural Engineering

Herva-Nuojuankangas 400kV High-Voltage Line

Foundation Engineering

Kristinestad 110kV Substation Extension

Structural Engineering

OP8 Telecom Towers

Structural Engineering

Kittilä 110kV Substation Terminal Towers

Structural Engineering

Aurora Line 400kV Part A

3rd Party Inspection

Simojoki 400/110kV Substation

Structural Engineering

Mörknässkogen 110kV Substation

Structural Engineering

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